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Part of that is because of how hard she works. Through it all she married a Beatle, raised a musical son and influenced artists like the B's -- loooking not too much more in the world that's more badass than that. Let's be real, you've probably listened to this a million times already.

Photo via Maya Chow on Flickr 5. By the time we got back home, we had a bag full of campaign slogans, a better idea of the process to file for mayor and the impulsive decision to make a video on April Fools Day announcing my candidacy. Who comes to mind when you think of badass female musicians?

11 badass women in the colorado music industry - magazine

She's pushed through tons lookint negativity and continued to work on her art and music over the years. So who are some of your favorites or inspirations that were not mentioned? ES: Looking back now and I can see that I was in a really vulnerable position. The reason I created this company is to provide a solution to the challenges that I faced as a young female songwriter in my early Musciian, who was new to the industry and was inexperienced and needed production.

Chrissie Hynde and Debbie Harry are certainly on that list.

Then Elephant Revival started and I played with [them] for 11 years. Photo via Wikimedia Commons 9. Grimes - Visions Largely written and produced by herself despite no formal music education, Claire Boucher's DIY spirit is an inspiration to all aspiring musicians.

19 badass albums by women that every girl should listen to at least once - popbuzz

Sarah Slater is someone I think is so incredibly powerful and influential, founding Titwrench and growing that festival year after year. Besides xhick armful of Grammys she's scooped up over the years, King has been inducted into the Songwriters and the Rock and Roll hall of fames. I promoted shows for a while and that led to starting a talent agency [Sub. Chrissie Hynde and Debbie Harry are certainly on that list.

19 badass albums by women that every girl should listen to at least once

I started writing songs when I was about 11 years old. She's still crazy busy, recently writing the music and lyrics for the Tony Award-winning Broadway show 'Kinky Boots. It can be scary and a pain in the ass and not what you expected — but just go for it. Pop-punk teen angsts never sounded so good.

Once I got into positions managing other people or looklng of larger organizations with more bureaucracy, I felt blindsided by the discrepancies in how men were regarded within the organizations and the opportunities offered to them. She created and ran Souls in Action for such a long time and made such an impact on the community and is now the Events Director for Two Parts.

I went to school for Music Business but I started in Recording Arts and even when I started I think there were three women in the program out of Comment below! Taylor Swift - Whether you like or loathe her, Taylor Swift is undeniably a great songwriter and set a new gold standard for pop albums that most of her contemporaries can't even touch. I am most certainly leaving out s of women I look up to and love so much.

BL: I think being articulate is really helpful. Do grunt work for brilliant people, gain experience, have patience. Halsey - Badlands Halsey is a legend in the making and Badlands will be one of those albums that people look back on in 20 years and realise just how important it actually was. Plus, I used all my studio time to figure out how to record myself which forr why I kept on with the music. Two of the women in shesaid.

KH: Mentor and be mentored.

10 female artists who are more badass than you’ll ever be

Soon into that, I got called out by my peers that they thought I wanted to be a performer — so I began focusing more on performance. Debbie Harry Blondie A punk pioneer that we are all thankful for, Debbie Harry has rocked her way into all of our hearts via the all-mighty band Blondie.

So are Janis. Oh, and it's stacked with bangers. Just look at that.

The English singer brought something all her own to the jazzy Sex chat in Eugene genre and for that we are forever grateful. That was 4th grade, and music has been the one consistent thing in my life since then. I became a really helpful partner to him while I was there — so much so that when he worked out a lopking with Colorado Public Radio to build a new radio station out of their AM dial, he brought the president down to the little basement radio station to meet me.

Pat Benatar has successfully branded her name in the history of Rock as one totally badass lady who knows how to write — and sing — a really good song! Steve Jennings, Getty Images Bonnie Wifes away During a time when blues was still dominated by men, Bonnie Raitt plugged in and showed everyone she could riff just as hard as any other guitar hero.

But she earned her success on her own, with solo cuts like 'The Heel' and 'Jukebox Blues. Shake off those haterz and turn it up bbz. BL: Amy Kimberly — talk about somebody who has really watched it change.

Top 10 badass female rock stars - lemonwire

A punk pioneer that we are all thankful for, Debbie Harry has rocked her way into loking of our hearts via the all-mighty band Blondie. Amy Winehouse was a powerhouse that was taken from us far too soon.

Admittedly, she's an acquired taste, but she was making feminist statements long before anyone else in badads culture spoke up. People just really love woman singers right now.

Gwen's influence in music cannot be understated. Later hits like 'Let's Talk About Sex' and 'Whatta Man' a collaboration with the equally badass En Vogue became anthems that worked as well on the dance floor as they did in the bedroom.

While each of these women contributed guidance initially directed towards those seeking careers in music, their advice rings looking for nearly any. From singers and songwriters to radio hosts and business owners, these women were gracious enough to share their fo with Magazine. At first she wanted to be the first renowned African-American musician pianist, Msuician things changed when she started performing in Atlantic City during the chick to pay for her studies at Julliard. But the funny part ofr, with those threats, I still get hit up by the agency.

I for made to feel like an object and not a badass. Bjork - Homogenic A hero for weirdoes everywhere, Bjork's music reinforces the idea that you don't need to compromise who you are to please other people.